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What is Traditional Palisade or Picket Fencing
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What is Traditional Palisade or Picket Fencing?

Traditional Palisade fencing is also called picket fencing. ‘Traditional’ fencing is a term used to describe a system of fencing made from vertical posts with horizontal rails that has pales fixed to the rails, and which is supplied in a kit form rather than as fence panels.

The pales are nominal 75mm x 22mm section, (70mm x 19mm planed finished size) planed with either pointed or rounded tops – and the pale tops are machined. When calculating the materials required, you need one post every 2.28m plus an extra one for the end of the run. There are 14 pales per bay, each backed by two 2ex 87 x 38mm nominal rails.

How is Picket Fencing Installed?

A picket fence should be erected 50mm above ground level to allow for weeding, and keep it clear of the ground.

  • Posts for 1.00m and 1.20m high fences should be of a nominal 100mm x 75mm section and have two mortices with tops that are either weathered two ways or rounded.
  • Posts for 1.80m fences are of a nominal 125mm x 75mm section with three mortices with tops weathered two ways or rounded.
  • Corner posts measure a nominal 100mm x 100mm in section. Two rails should be used per bay for 1.00m and 1.20m high fences and three per bay for 1.80m high fences.

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