The Fencing Bloke

About The Fencing Bloke

  1. How we started out


    The Fencing Bloke began back in 2018, initially as a supply-only company. We delivered fencing supplies to everyone, including farmers, businesses, property owners and homeowners, within the Chester, the North West and North Wales area.

  2. The transition


    Following a successful beginning, we quickly transitioned to also become an installation company, and since The Fencing Bloke was born, we have been able to pride ourselves on our high-quality materials, as well as the time and money that we invest in fencing installations. Creating high-end results based on our customers' needs is our top priority as we understand the impact of a job well done.

  3. Present


    In 2022, we made the decision to open a supply yard, with the aim of becoming the go-to place for quality products for our trade, wholesale and DIY clients.

The team

Our staff are all fully qualified to undertake the work, and because we care about our team, they care about their job. We always make sure the area is tidy once the job is done, so the installation is seamless and stress free.

Ashley Poole, Managing Director

Ashley has been in the fencing industry for five years, and he started The Fencing Bloke off as a supply-only company until he witnessed the installation of other companies not being up to the standard he thought they should be.

He eventually transformed The Fencing Bloke into an installation company so that he could make sure clients got the high-quality fencing solutions they deserved. His aim is to make The Fencing Bloke the one-stop shop for everything in the world of fencing, supplying both materials and installations.

Ashley's previous careers have seen him develop his keen eye for detail and customer relationship skills, from being a Royal Marine, a Close Protection Officer and a sewer repair operative, all the way to his job as a chef.

He also loves being outdoors and enjoys meeting new people. The Fencing Bloke allows him to do both, delivering solutions to customers and being able to look back with satisfaction at a job well done.

Mike Wilson, Finance Director

Mike joined Ashley at The Fencing Bloke after a career of over 17 years in the accounting industry. He became friends with Ashley back in 2020 and gained an insight into the fencing industry through him, which sparked his interest and eventually resulted in his appointment as the Finance Director of The Fencing Bloke.

Mike's skills from the accounting industry, such as understanding how a business and its finance works, allows him to direct The Fencing Bloke towards ideas for growth. He is passionate about organising the company's finance, as well as ensuring it delivers high quality services every time.

When he is not in the gym, Mike enjoys going to church, watching movies and playing computer games.

Get in touch

Now you’ve met the team, it’s time to give your property The Fencing Bloke finish. Get in touch today by sending us a message to discuss your requirements, and you can receive get a free, no-obligation quote.

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