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What is Jakcure
The Fencing Bloke are suppliers and approved fencing installers for Jacksons Fencing premium products including Jakcure treated timber.

What is Jakcure?

Jacksons Jakcure® treated timber is guaranteed for 25 years from the date of purchase and installation against failure as a result of rot or insect attack which renders the timber unfit for purpose – as long as it is properly installed.

How the Jakcure® process works

  • First, softwood is tested for moisture content – because excess moisture prevents absorption of the preservative.
  • All timber that has more than 30% moisture content is kiln dried. This process is essential to ensure deep penetration into the wood. The preservative is forced by pressure right through the outside sap wood in to the heartwood, where it forms an insoluble compound that gives permanent protection against rot and insect attack.
  • The greater the amount of preservative, the greater the protection the wood gets and therefore a guaranteed longer service life
  • Although gloves should be worn when handling freshly Jakcure® timber, once installed it is harmless to human, animal and plant life.
  • Jakcure® treated products have no unpleasant odour and the process does not make the timber brittle or reduce its strength in any way.
  • Jakcure® exceeds the requirements of BS EN 599-1 and BS 8417
  • It provides lasting protection, above and below ground, against all wood-boring pests and all forms of wet and dry rot.

The Lowest Lifetime Cost

The Jakcure® treatment process adds to the cost of the fencing, so Jacksons commercial fencing, residential fencing and gates do cost marginally more than lesser quality products, but they will last many times longer. When you choose fencing treated with Jacksons Jakcure®, you can be assured they are guaranteed for 25 years without the need for any further treatment, which means you only need to buy once. That’s real economy – and it is good for the environment too.

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