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What are Palisade Fence Panels
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What are Palisade Fence Panels?

Palisade fence panels are used to quickly install the classic and enduring style of garden fencing that is also commonly known as picket fencing. They are available with either pointed or rounded pales. Picket fences are a staple of many a front garden, offering an airy but neat look. Palisade fence panels are extremely popular thanks to the ease with which they can be installed, and they give the impression of a carefully constructed picket fence without the excessive installation costs that are associated with bespoke fencing.

Palisade fence panels make picket fencing simple as they tare designed for use with slotted Jakposts. They are manufactured from superior quality, planed finish Jakcure® treated softwood, with a guarantee for 25 years and they come complete with stainless steel fixings for a longer life.

If you would like a fence made out of Palisade fence panels by Jacksons residential fencing, call approved installer the Fencing Bloke today for a competitive quote and a top notch service. Our customers say we are the best fencing company, so don’t skimp when it comes to creating an attractive garden,  choose the best: the Fencing Bloke.

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We are suppliers and installers of Jacksons Fencing – they are one of Britain’s top privately owned fence companies so you can be sure that Jacksons fences, garden gates and garden structures have the quality and durability you expect from a major name. Jacksons fencing is made of carefully selected sustainable timber, and it comes with a 25 year guarantee against rot or insect attack.

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