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What are Gravel Boards

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What are Gravel Boards?

Gravel boards are really important to ensure your fencing stays in good quality condition. Jacksons gravel boards, as installed by the Fencing Bloke, are made out of a specific kind of timber, which is different to the timber used for fencing. It is treated specifically with its constant ground contact in mind, and helps ensure the 25 years guarantee on Jacksons fencing – in fact the guarantee is void without them!

As well as protecting the bottom of your fence from rot, gravel boards also raise the panels off the ground , giving the fence extra height and adding a finishing touch to the run of fencing.

The Two Types of Standard Gravel Board:

The first gravel board is for use with slotted Jakposts. It includess two spacer blocks to prevent the gravel board from moving once it is installed between the slotted posts.

The second gravel board type we is a 2.40m long x 140mm x 25mm board that is typically used with Traditional Featherboard fencing. This version does not work with the slotted Jakpost system.

To meet the conditions of the 25-year Jakcure® guarantee, gravel boards must be fitted where panels are in contact with the ground.

Hedgehog Friendly Gravel Boards

We offer a hedgehog friendly gravel board for use with Jakposts – it has a hole at one end so hedgehogs can pass through, with a reinforcing strip along the top to ensure strength is retained.

Jacksons Fencing Specialist

We are suppliers and installers of Jacksons Fencing – they are one of Britain’s top privately owned fence companies so you can be sure that Jacksons fences, garden gates and garden structures have the quality and durability you expect from a major name. Jacksons Residential fencing is made of carefully selected sustainable timber, and it comes with a 25 years guarantee against rot or insect attack.

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