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Trellis with Featherboard Fencing

When combined with a traditional fence such as featherboard, trellis gives you a classic and attractive fencing option. Find out more for trellis with featherboard fencing.

Trellis with Featherboard Fencing

Jacksons Featherboard fence panels come in the standard size of 1.83m wide with a number of heights available. They are handcrafted with a Closeboard or Feather Edge design, but in panel form; so they are easier to install. Their flat top boards make a great base for trellis.

The simple way to tell the difference between panel kit form Featherboard and traditional Featherboard fencing is the posts: With Traditional Featherboard fencing, posts are installed behind so you see continuous pales; panel kit form Featherboard is installed with slotted Jakposts every 1.83m, which are visible from the front. Trellis toppers are also 1.83m wide and designed to be used with slotted Jakposts.

Featherboard provides solid protection and shelter from the wind so plants, shrubs, and small trees can thrive. The trellis, meanwhile, allows enough sunlight through and encourages climbing plants.

Privacy Fencing That Lets Light Through

Featherboard gives privacy with its solid construction and overlapping pales. They stop lines of sight through the panel. Adding a trellis instead of simply installing a taller fence allows light into the garden while keeping the lower part private.

Increasing Airflow And Reducing The Risk Of Fence Damage

Trellis allows airflow, which can be greatly beneficial. Air flows freely through the gaps in the trellis, reducing the risk of wind damage and the pressure on the fencing in windy weather.

Use Your Fence To Be Social But Only If You Want To

Using a trellis as the top of a fence provides the benefits above but also allows you to be more social with your neighbours.

Be Creative With Fence Design

Fences are there to supply a barrier and demarcate a boundary. This doesn’t mean they can’t look good. When the trellis is combined with a complementary panel, it can be paired with other garden elements, such as a patio, driveway, or paving.

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