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Timber Post and Rail Fencing Boundary

Victoria Park in Deal, Kent is a grassed recreational area that the local community uses. The large grounds are used for of leisure activities such as tennis, bowls, and outdoor skating, and there is also a children’s play area. Read on to find out how timber post and rail fencing boundry was used within this project.

Timber Post and Rail Fencing Boundary

On one side of the field, the grass stops at the road.  An old chain link fence with concrete posts was previously used to mark the boundary. As more people began to use the field, the risk of people or dogs running onto the road without realising it increased. Dover District Council installed a post and rail fence to demarcate the field’s boundary along the roadside.

Installing fencing on boundaries controls the flow of foot traffic, and as nights get darker, this becomes more important. Drivers face less of a risk of pedestrians stepping out into the road where they are not expecting them to.

By installing a fence, access is restricted to the ground. It protects the users from the potential dangers of unauthorised access and the grass verge from being damaged by cars using it as a parking space.

Post-and-rail fencing is ideal for parks as it offers a rustic, traditional look. Wirestock fencing was attached to the post-and-rail fencing to discourage people from climbing through and contain pets within the field.

The fencing provides high visibility so people can see in and out of the park. This is another safety feature—it reduces places where people could hide.

Timber post and rail fencing is easy for your installer as it is manufactured with morticed holes for the rails to be fitted into. The fence can be assembled by slotting the rails into the posts and then nailing into place. Mortice and tenoned joints are stronger than a nailed post and rail.

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