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Noise Reduction Fencing Installer

Noise reduction fencing is the main technique you can use to combat noise pollution in your garden.

Noise Reduction Fencing Installer

Acoustic fencing, is installed in a different way from standard fencing, as it must be installed by a noise reduction fence installer. Noise can be a great annoyance in urban areas and affects health. Transport links are busier, so more noise is being created as a result. People who live near roads and railways are most impacted by this increased noise pollution.

Often, newly built housing developments by major transport links use acoustic fencing to reduce the amount of noise, but this is not the case for older homes. This example shows how an old fence can be upgraded to add noise reduction. The old fencing was larch lap style and offered little in terms of noise reduction, security or aesthetics.

With any acoustic fence installation we recommend a sound survey by a qualified sound engineer first to establish what type, size, and position the fence should be. Sound engineers factor in variables such as the distance from the fence to the noise source, and how sound will be reflected. The sound engineer’s report can then be shared with the noise reduction fence installer.

The Jakoustic® Reflective acoustic barrier was chosen for this project. It reduces sound by up to 28db in lab conditions as well as being an attractive design. The interlocking timber boards reflect sound waves, reducing noise. Noise reduction fencing isn’t made in panels but of longer timber boards that are installed from the ground up and slotted into timber tuning fork posts. For this reason, you should only ever use an approved acoustic fencing installer for such a project.

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