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Why Is Quality Timber Treatment Important
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Why Is Quality Timber Treatment Important?

The topic of timber treatment is much debated and has become rife with myths and misconceptions. As a result an increasing number of end users find it difficult to make an informed choice of which timber fencing and gates products to purchase.

Our supplier, Jacksons, has been involved in the timber fencing market since 1947 and the company has a deep-rooted understanding of what makes a long-term timber fencing solution.

Timber Types

Timber is a generic name for wood. All naturally grown wood is divided into two categories: hardwood or softwood.

The Nordic Wood Council say that hardwood and softwood are broad biological terms used to describe the species of wood. The terms have nothing to do with the actual hardness of the wood. In fact. hardwoods come from broadleaved trees and softwood comes from coniferous, evergreen trees.

Some examples of hardwoods are ash; beech; birch; cherry; elm; iroko; mahogany and oak.

Some examples of softwood include Scots Pine, Douglas fir and cedar.

Timber Physiology

Heartwood is wood that has become more resistant to decay over time. Sapwood is the younger, outermost wood of the tree which carries water and sugars from the roots to the leaves. When a timber treatment process is carried out, the preservative must be delivered through the sapwood of the timber right through into the heartwood, which is still susceptible to rot and damage from wood-boring pests.

Jacksons commercial fencing and residential fencing is treated with their own proprietary formula that goes deeper into the wood to protect it, allowing all Jacksons timber products – when properly installed by an approved fitter like the Fencing Bloke – to benefit from a 25 year guarantee against insect attack and rot.

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