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What are Hit and Miss Fence Panels

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What are Hit and Miss Fence Panels?

Hit and Miss panels are named because the boards are alternately fixed on the front and the back of the panel with an overlap. This is called a Hit and Miss pattern. They are part of the premium Jacksons ‘good-both-sides’ fence panel range that allow both you and your neighbour to have the best looking side of the fence – because both sides are the same!

Hit and Miss panels are available with the boards either running horizontally or vertically – and though it is just about possible to see through the panels at certain angles they still offer a high level of privacy.

Whichever contemporary style you select, hit and miss panels have improved wind resistance, as air is able to pass through the gaps.

Hit and Mis fence Panels are 1.83m wide with a 45mm x 51mm frame. The spacing of the boards varies slightly on different height horizontal Hit and Miss panels so for ease of alignment, we recommend using vertical style panels if different fence heights are needed in a fencing run.

Hit and Miss fence panels are available in four heights, all at 1.83m wide. They are designed to be fitted with slotted Jakposts, with stainless steel fixings used throughout for a longer life.

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