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Railing Topper Leaves Countryside Views Unspoiled

Across much of the English countryside, a popular choice is post and rail fencing.  Jacksons fencing has a range of posts and rails to suit rural gardens.  It is commonly used as a demarcation fence, but if post and rail fencing isn’t suitable when you need a fence with added security and privacy, you have options: a railing topper fence panel could be the ideal addition for your fence line.

Railing Topper Leaves Countryside Views Unspoiled

Topper panels are being installed on top of shorter timber fence panels using the slotted Jakpost system. The posts are installed on the ground, and the fence panels slot into the post. They can then be screwed into place securely, leaving enough space for the railing topper to slot in on top.

Metal railing topper panels from Jackson fencing can be combined with any panel you choose. Some popular choices are Vertical or Horizontal Tongue and Groove. Railing panels are available in three styles, Concave – with a downward curve, Convex – an arch shape, or a level top. Each has a distinctive ornamental topping.

For this project, Convex Railing Topper panels were installed style on top of Vertical Tongue and Groove fencing panels. The Railing Topper panels are manufactured from galvanised steel and powder coated black. The metal railings are covered by the Jacksons 25 year service life guarantee, the same as their timber fencing.

Security may not be the number one concern in rural areas, but as rural crime rises, more people are investing in extra security. A railing topper panel offers just that. The pales are challenging to climb and less appealing to unwanted visitors.

The home in this example has beautiful rural views that it would be a shame to spoil. The railings have plenty of gaps to see the view.

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