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Love your garden? Why not treat it to a makeover with Jacksons Fencing installation by the Fencing Bloke.

Love Your Garden With New Fencing

This design has many contemporary elements with tranquil corners and places for entertainment. Throughout the whole design, bright, vibrant colours link up the different areas and give a sense of unification in the garden. Tongue and Groove Effect fence panels were chosen to frame the boundary and painted in turquoise to add a pop of colour. The slotted Jakposts® were left in their natural timber colour to add some contrast, creating a striking effect. Although Jacksons fence panels do not need to be painted or stained to prolong their life, they can be painted to suit your personal preferences and the desired garden aesthetic. Any paints used should be breathable to allow the timber to expand and contract naturally as temperatures change throughout its life.

Taller fence panels have been used on the sides of this garden to increase privacy, while shorter fence panels were used on one of the sides that has views of the countryside. All of the panels were topped off with a capping rail to finish them off.

The garden was then paved with stone paving along with a similar style tabletop for the entertainment area. Seating was installed and wrapped around a firepit. Vibrant borders were created with purple, red, and white plants, with the fencing contrasting and complementing the flowers’ colours. A white pergola was used to frame the table and add another contrasting colour but in a similar tone to the concrete benches and the tiles. Finally, a water feature was fitted to add to the sense of tranquillity and give the natural sound of flowing water.

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