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Long Driveway Fence

In this fencing installers project a long driveway bordered the side of the property. Because the house is close to the boundary an important consideration was which fence panel should be chosen. A solid fence panel would have taken light away from the property.

Long Driveway Fence

By using Canterbury Combi, which is a semi solid hybrid Jacksons fence panel made up of Horizontal Tongue and Groove Effect and Venetian boards, plenty of benefits were realised and a secure driveway fence could be installed.

Solid Horizontal Tongue and Groove gives privacy and stops anyone who is using the driveway being able to see into the house. In its top third the fence panel has horizontal slats which allow light to flow into the garden and the house. The previous fencing had trellis installed on top, but the benefit of Canterbury Combi is that the topper is already built into the panel.

When you can gain access to the property on more than one side, a boundary fence can help to stop your home being targeted by burglars. The old fence was falling apart and meant there were easy access points into the property. By adding the semi open Venetian slats, the homeowner can monitor any activity while still maintaining their privacy with the solid panel at the bottom. The fencing was installed with the rails on the inside so there were no hand or foot holds for an intruder to get over the fence.

To keep the height consistent along the length of the boundary the fence panels were fitted in steps. As the ground level rises so do the panels. This means there are no lower fence panels that could be exploited by a thief. Another security technique is the choice of a gravel drive – these are noisy, so you always know when they are being used.

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