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Installing Stepped Fencing on a Driveway

This stepped fencing example of Jacksons Fencing uses Horizontal Hit and Miss fence panels across a driveway to act as a distinctive boundary and to separate the front garden from that of the neighbours.

Installing Stepped Fencing on a Driveway

As there was only a small gravel bed between these two driveways, there was no obvious line of demarcation. Both neighbours opted to install Horizontal Hit and Miss fencing for more privacy as a cost-effective contemporary solution.

Two methods that can be used to install fencing onto a sloped driveway. Option one is to follow the contours of the ground in a gradual slope (“raking”). Option two is using panel fencing with slotted Jakposts and stepping the panels up or down (“stepping”). In this instance a stepped installation was chosen, which works well with panel fencing.

It may seem obvious, but fence panels should be kept level, especially when they are stepped. The ground should be adapted to support the fence panel, and its gravel board, rather than installing the panel at an angle as the posts would then be askew, risking the fence’s structural integrity.

When stepping fence panels, the post is higher than the fence panel and part of the slot where the fence panel sits will be visible. To improve the finish, timber components called infill pieces can be slotted into the gap to make it look like every post was designed that way. The pieces are the same width as the gap in the slotted posts, so they fit flush into the post and hide the gap.

Contemporary fencing in the back garden

To increase the level of privacy in their back garden while still allowing sunlight in, Horizontal Hit & Miss stepped fencing panels were used. They have 95mm thick boards spaced 8mm apart, and a planed finish, allowing light and air into the space, whilst maintaining privacy.

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