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Happy Customers On Both Sides Of The Fence
Keeping both sides of the fence happy can be tricky when you both want the best side of your fence. The answer is a double-sided panel.

Happy Customers on Both Sides of the Fence

Fence panels are traditionally made with one side displaying the rails. The design if focused on the front. We recommend installing the rails facing your garden, as this increases security: Rails may be used as hand or foot holds for a thief to climb over. However, after paying for brand new fencing, only to get the ‘ugly’ side of the fence is not for everyone. A double-sided fence panel has a very similar look on both sides instead of one side having rails.

Privacy Double Sided Panels

Chilham is a completely solid double-sided Jacksons fence panel with no line of sight through it. This is ideal where privacy is a priority. Chilham has a panelled appearance and no visible rails. For example, a hedgerow had divided two gardens, but both sides of the boundary were tired of the maintenance. Instead, they wanted to replace it with a timber fence. As both contributed equally, both had an equal right to see the good side of the fence. Chilham was perfect.

In terraced housing, one property is often assigned a boundary in the deeds. That means you are responsible for repairs or maintenance. With semi-detached housing, you’ll normally have a shared boundary. Nevertheless, when replacing fencing, it’s always best to involve your neighbour if work needs to be done on their side. They may want to contribute to the cost of replacing the fencing.

Shared Property Boundaries

Shared boundaries are sometimes a headache as both sides have equal responsibility, so they must contribute the same to boundary maintenance. Choosing a fence with a lifetime guarantee that won’t need staining every few years is a great option in such cases.

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