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Designer Home Fencing

Designer homes can’t afford to overlook the fencing as it is the first thing visitors see upon their arrival. A home’s appearance from the roadside leaves a lasting impression. Check out our designer home fencing ideas now…

Designer Home Fencing

For this driveway, 1.83m high Vertical Tongue and Groove fence panels were used, with 0.43m Lattice Trellis panels fitted on top. Remember that planning permission is usually needed to install a fence over 2 metres high.

The Jacksons Tongue and Groove Effect fence panel is really luxurious. It gives a premium Tongue and Groove effect but in a more practical form. Substantial timber boards are installed vertically and at the back they are supported by a rail and a morticed and tenon jointed frame. All the fixings used are in stainless steel to ensure longevity. Jacksons only use stainless steel fixings when manufacturing their fence panels.

Lattice trellis panels were then installed as toppers. Trellis is a great way to build on top of a solid fence panel as it is semi-solid so allows light and air to flow through it. When choosing a solid fence panel, adding a semi-solid topper makes the garden feel less closed in.

With designer homes, every detail counts. For this reason, the fencing was installed with the rails facing out so the “good” side was visible to the homeowners.

Normally rails are fitted facing the inside to prevent people from climbing the rails on the back of the fence, but when there are neighbours on all sides, there is less risk of intruders gaining access this way.

To ensure privacy levels were maintained in the garden, Tongue and Groove panels without trellis toppers were installed in the patio area to prevent line of sight. Due to the height of the fence, it needed heavy duty fence posts.

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